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Sweet_Sarah started this conversation
Hi Everyone;
I know I have posted on here before, but things have changed alot since I have been on here. I no longer live in Kentucky or those people who would refuse to work/disabled. I currently stay with my mom along with my sister. However due to restrictions on my mother's lease; my sister and I need to find a way to get money enough for a place. I start my job soon. Just not quick enough. And without that we will be sleeping outside. Literally. And I don't want that. I have called homeless shelters, but there are beyond full with people sleeping on floors and everything.
If anyone can help me, I would highly appreciate it any way, shape, or form.

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MzKLY2011   in reply to Sweet_Sarah
Im pretty sure there are food banks in your area that would love to help you out!!..Also do u have the option to call 211..??..Its a resource line that u can call and they willl give u phone number/addresses to places that u can recieve help!!-(Churches-Community centers-your childrens schools-fire departments..)..there are lot's and lots of places that can help u out....I know its a tough world out there, we are ALL going through it right now..we just need to all stick together and have faith that things WILL get better!!-Scamming and taking advantage of the system will NOT get you anywhere!!..(:
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Can anyone help me? We have no food. Is there anyone willing to help? A penny is more than we have now.
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Anonymous40784   in reply to Sweet_Sarah
I don't understand.
Its based on your income, isn't it?
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Sweet_Sarah   in reply to Anonymous40784
nope dont qualify
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Anonymous40784   in reply to Sweet_Sarah
Go to social services & ask for emergency food stamps.
All apply to get regular food stamps.

Best wishes
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Struggling again. Have no money to do laundry and the kid has school tomorrow. About out of food. This sucks!!
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